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1. UCLA, School of Law, LA

This university was among the first universities to introduce the entertainment law 40 years ago, as a serious branch of law. Specialized programs costumed to legal and law jobs related to big entertainment industry are based on rich and closely related practice in this field of law. Students were able to participate on various events on which the reputable lawyers, advisers, and managers from the top of US entertainment business are teaching them first handed about the skills and experiences from this magnificent field of law. School is situated in Los Angeles, the epicenter of this industry. Some of known former students are DreamWorks co -chairman Stacey Snider and Warner Bros TV Group president Bruce Rosenblum.

2. USC Gould School of Law, LA

The Faculty of Law, also based in Los Angeles, has gained especial importance in 2009, when one of the teachersbecome a former Warner Bros. general counsel John Schulman, who has launched his own program in the field of entertainment law. Graduates: Universal Studios general counsel Maren Christensen, TV dealmaker Jeanne Newman, chief executive of Fox Home Entertainment's Ted Russell.

3. Harvard Law SchoolCambridge

American University who has recognized the importance of this branch of law, and for years it provides excellent courses,law clinics and workshops in the field of intellectual property rights, copyright and entertainment law. Famous students were: Bert Fields, Bruce Ramer and Clive Davis.

4. Southwestern Law SchoolLA

The university organizes more than 50 classes in the field of media and film industry, as well as rights in the video game industry, which makes him special. One of participants were Lionsgate General Counsel Wayne Levin, 20th Century Fox TV business guru Howard Kurtzman, and expert for litigation Daniel Petrocelli.

5. Columbia Law SchoolNYC

In the strict center of New York, this college offers courses related to modern art and theater, but at the same time the traditional approaches to intellectual property. The fact that this program was introduced in the mid seventies, makes thisuniversity one of the oldest institutions in the country that teaches this law branch. Former students were Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman, vice president of Fox's Tom Rothman, TiVo president and CEO Tom Rogers.

6. U.C. Berkeley School of Law, Berkeley

Berkeley has alsoe realized on time the importance of this branch of law and adopted a program which was included in 1995 in order to prepare students for the digital era in world of art and entertainment. This university program was attended by the executive director of the Fox Networks and Rita Tuzon, business manager of ABC Jana Winograd , India Manager Linda Lichter.

7. Loyola Law School, LA

Not so prestigious as some universities in the same city, however this school offers an impressive program in the field of media law. The quality of teaching is proved by the fact that in year around 40 students from the Faculty were  employed in various companies in Hollywood. Some of the participants were ABC Studios executive director Howard Davine, an Executive director of legal affairs at the company Disney Steve Bardwil, Pilgrim Studios General Counsel Gretchen Stockdale.

8. Stanford Law School, Stanford

"Pure" entertainment "in the present and the future", the sentence is that online media law professor Paul Goldstein describes as what Stanford University has to offer. Highly ranked university significantly helps its graduates to find jobs, as they did to EA General Counsel Stephen Bene and SAG-AFTRA Executive Director David White.

9. Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville

Although far from Hollywood, this college is highly ranked due to the quality of services offered in the areas of law related to music industry and digital world. Recently, they introduced the entertainment program as well. It was attended by RIAA senior executive director Mitch Glazier, UFC general counsel Ike Lawrence Epstein, and chief of the legal department of Nielsen James Cuminale.

10. Fordham University School of Law, NYC

Fordham offers a wide range of courses from media law, the rights of music and sports, mass media and digital. Its Fashion Law Institute is the first of its kind in America. Some of the graduates are Deputy President Fox's Jim Gianopulos, ABC News Manager Chris Cuomo, former Disney Studios President Rich Ross.

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