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Many people are wondering , how to protect their work and what is procedure.

It is important to know, especially for new authors, that there is not official registration system for Copyright in Republic of Serbia and most other parts of the world. There are no form to fill in and no fees to pay to get copyright protection.

Firstly, just to be clear: The Internet has always been free and it still should be. Only the open Internet is the Internet as we know it.

It is open because it uses free, publicly available standards that anyone can access and build to, and it treats all traffic that flows across the network in roughly the same way. The principle of the Open Internet is sometimes referred to as “net neutrality”. Under this principle, consumers can make their own choices about what applications and services to use and are free to decide what lawful content they want to access, create, or share with others. This openness promotes competition and enables investment and innovation.

As for me, a very important thing is that The Open Internet also makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to easily launch innovative applications and services, revolutionizing the way people communicate, participate, create, and do business—think of email, blogs, voice and video conferencing, streaming video, and online shopping. Once you are online, you do not have to ask permission or pay tolls to broadband providers to reach others on the network.  If you develop an innovative new website, you don’t have to get permission to share it with the world.

Millions of people could not have had chance to say what they think, in the past. They could not have had possibility to see, to say, to know… Today the Internet is the inexhaustible source of opportunities for all of us.

The Internet empowers everyone — anyone can speak, create, learn, and share. It is controlled by no one — no single organization, individual, or government. It connects the world. Today, more than two billion people are online — about a third of the planet.


Fortunately, there are a lot of things posted as free content and you can enjoy it. YOUTUBE gives you opportunity to see, hear and feel everything what is happening in the world, by Internet exchanging of information, which is regulated, as much as it can be (It also has some imperfections, but about it another time…)


We must be aware that some rights have to be respected and recognized as a protected copyright work. In another hand, it is important to say that respecting of copyright work does not jeopardize the open internet concept.

Suspension of exclusive rights of authors and the right for a compensation


Property rights are transferable by contract or by other legal ground, while moral rights are non transferable belonging only to the author and any attempt to transfer moral rights in any way is legally worthless

Publication of others copyright work without the permission of the author is not allowed and can have legal consequences - it gives the author the right to claim for compensation of material and non material damage which was inflicted by illegal usage of copyright work.