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Copyright is a form of Intellectual property law (as patenttrademark, and industrial design) which protects original creative work applicable to be expressed in any substantive form.

Copyright protection includes:

  • Literary works, including novels, instructions manuals, computer programs, song lyrics, newspapers articles and some types of database.
  • Dramatic works, including dance or mime
  • Musical works
  • Works of art, including paintings,  engravings, photographs, sculptures, collages, architecture, technical drawing, diagrams, maps and logos
  • Layout or typographical arrangements used to publish a work, for a book for instance
  • Recordings of a work, including sound and movie
  • Broadcast of a work

Copyright does not protect ideas for a work. It is only when the work itself is fixed, for example in writing, that copyright automatically protects it.

A work can only be original if it is the result of independent creative effort. It will not be original if it has been copied from something that already exists. If it is similar to something that already exists but there has been no copying from the existing work either directly or indirectly, than it may be original.

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